Class Overview

CNA classes are designed to teach those interested in being certified nursing assistants with
little to no experience in the medical field. In this 115-hour course of training, we teach the basics of personal care, infection control, disease management, and safety.


Course Outline

Roles and responsibilities of a Certified Nursing Assistant
Rules and regulations of governing health care
Communication skills and interpersonal relationships
Safety and emergency procedures (including American Heart Association CPR)
Basic restorative care
Infection Control including 7 hours HIV/AIDS class
Resident rights and independence
Personal care skills – 22 skills taught
Care of the cognitively impaired

Nursing Assistant Training
Admission Requirements

Have no back problems that prevent safe lifting of at least 50 pounds
Passing grades on entrance exam (English reading, and comprehension). The exam is given on the first day of class.
Must pass DSHS and Washington state background (form will be provided on the first day of class)
Provide Photo Identification and social security number
Provide proof of T.B. test (The 2-step skin test or chest x-ray result) (required for clinical)
Books: included in tuition
Tuition: $875
Registration: $75
115 hours; including required clinical
CNA Class

Requirements For
Successful Completion

Successful clinical completion (ceil blue uniform, transfer belt, watch with a second hand, and tennis shoes compulsory for clinical)
115 hours; including required clinical
Passing all in-class exams with a score of 80% or higher
Attendance of all classes
Passing skill competency exam